Jun 19, 2012

President's Choice Loads of Smokin Habanero Tortilla Chips

I have this thing for trying strange flavours of chips. Not like, I only eat strange flavoured chips. I completely enjoy many regular flavoured chips (favourite chip flavor: Sour Cream and Bacon. What's yours?), but if I see a strange new kind on the shelf, I am drawn to it. Even if it sounds terrible.

Sometimes this works out well (see PC World of Flavours Sweet Chili Thai Flavour Rippled Potato Chips - that's an excellent chip. Then again, I've never met something Sweet Chili Thai flavoured that I didn't like), other times...less so (see Doritos all nighter Cheeseburger - I'm mostly opposed to these because they taste too much like a cheeseburger - seriously, it reminds me of Dairy Queen - but the texture is wrong and that's weird. It's the same reason I don't like buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys).

On a recent trip to the grocery store, some chips caught The Husband's eye - President's Choice Loads of Smokin' Habanero Tortilla Chips (which oddly I can't find on the President's Choice website, but you can but them here*). They sounded interesting and snackable, so we bought them.

Now, I like spicy food, but not overly spicy. I don't want to be uncomfortable and I want to actually taste the food, not just feel the heat. The Husband likes spicy more then I do, but I would say not in any kind of extreme way. I wasn't home when he tried them, but he told me he stopped after five chips and that they "might be a little much."

This made me a somewhat scared to try them.

In this review, I'm not going to talk about appearance and texture - they're chips. If you've ever eaten any kind of tortilla style chips (like Doritos), you know what they're like.

I was quite surprised when I ate my first chip. It really wasn't that spicy. In fact, I didn't feel any burn. They had a smoky, salty, slightly tangy taste. All around quite pleasant. I couldn't really understand what The Husband was talking about, too much.

...then I ate two more.

These chips have a slow burn. It sneaks up on you. After three chips, I could totally get why you would want to stop at five. It wasn't uncomfortably hot at three, but the heat builds pretty quickly. Which is good for portion control, I supposed. I couldn't imagine sitting down and mindlessly eating a whole 250 g bag of them, that's for sure.

Later on I tried eating one chip and waiting to see if the same slow burn effect happened, and surprisingly it didn't. It must have something to do with, like, residual flavour particles layering in your mouth. Or something. I don't know. I do know that if you don't like spicy foods, you probably would enjoy eating one of these chips, but likely not two.

Overall, Loads of Smokin Habanero Tortilla Chips were tasty, but I probably wouldn't buy them again. They were, indeed, a little too much.

*this is just some random website I found. I have no idea if they are trustworthy. Buy at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

These are by far the best chips I have ever had. It is very difficult to get them at the store. I've tried 3 different loblaws (heartland in mississauga, north york, and Queen Quay location) different times and they were all sold out. An empty space on the shelf where the chips are supposed to be. They were so good I had to comment on this blog which is over a year old to let you know how I feel. Yes...i lead an interesting life. hahaha. Have a good day. :)

dee said...

When your comment showed up in my email, I couldn't even remember what I had written about them. They obviously didn't leave much of an impression on me. Sucks you can't find them though. I know how it goes - eat something awesome once and then never find it in another store - or find out it was discontinued. I often fall in food love with things that get discontinued! Good luck in your future chip isle searches.

Phillip Parker said...

These tortilla chips have been discontinued by PC. They made a delicious cool ranch dorito knock off. Sadly missed.

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