Jun 1, 2012

Happy 80th, Apple Blossom Festival!

The Apple Blossom Festival Turns 80 this year! But, if you're from anywhere that isn't the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, you might be asking - "What is The Apple Blossom Festival?" I mean, other than a festival to celebrate apple blossoms. Duh.

It has a long history,  but it began as a way to make the Valley's apple industry better known throughout North America and Europe; to bring tourism to the area;  and to provide an opportunity to foster and develop local talent through participation in Festival events.

Now it's more just an excuse to party. As if we need an excuse in the valley.

And by party, I don't necessarily mean get drunk in public. Although that is certainly an option if you're into that sort of thing. I mean get together with friends and family and have a generally good time.

The three big events are the concert and fireworks, the children's parade (which is full of cuteness - little kids and dogs in costume, mostly) and the main street parade. If the weather's good, Kentville is packed full of people from all over the place. 

Sadly, if you come this year, you wont see any actual apple blossoms. Due to odd weather, they were really early this year and are all gone. Good for the farmers, less so for the festival. 

Still, if you're not too far away and you're looking for something to do this weekend, maybe you might want to come visit us this weekend?

A full list of this year's events can be found here.

Apple Blossom tip for first time visitors: Give yourself lots of time to get home...traffic gets pretty insane after the fireworks and main street parade. It doesn't take too awful long to clear, if you don't mind sitting and waiting it out. Just don't jump right in your car and expect to get home. You're not going anywhere.


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