Mar 3, 2010

Review: Band Aid Perfect Fit Bandage

So, I get a lot of free crap in the mail, because I sign up for random things on the internet. It's always exciting and sometimes baffling ("Did I seriously sign up for this? Why would I do that?"). I love love love free stuff. Anyway, I was recently sent a Band aid perfect fit bandage. And by recently, I mean sometime within the last year. I never buy brand-name bandages, and I usually buy the plastic ones, even though I know that the fabric ones are a million times better. So, I got this bandaid, which is a fabric bandage and brand name, so I expected it to be better then what I normally use, but, I mean, it's a bandaid. I didn't expect to be wowed by it or anything. I threw in the cupboard with my other first-aid supplies and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward a couple of months. I'm in my kitchen, making green tea, and I'm about to do something mildly stupid. I wanted honey in my tea. We had one of those squeeze bottles of honey, and it was almost gone. It wasn't crystallized or anything, but when I turned it upside down it wasn't budging. No trouble, I thought, I'll just take the top off and use a spoon. But even my narrowest spoon was just slightly to wide to fit into the bottle. It was so close to fitting. SO CLOSE! I decided to force it in anyway. Long story short, it totally worked and I got my honey, but I smashed the knuckle of my thumb on the top of the honey bottle and sliced it open. Seriously, who cuts them self on a plastic honey bottle? Me, that's who. (Important note: I did not get any blood on or in the honey bottle. Because I'm awesome)

The cut was tiny and thin (it looked a lot like a paper-cut), but it hurt like hell and bled way more then I think it should have. So I started digging through my cupboard for a band-aid. There I found the free one from the mail a few months before, so I slapped it on. It was exactly like every other bandaid I've ever used, except thinner then regular fabric ones. Not really at all remarkable.

Anyone who has ever put a bandaid around their thumb knuckle knows that they don't hold up very well. Not at all. The edges get all curled, and they just don't stay at all. So, imagine my surprise when I got out of bed the next morning that it was still on my thumb, looking pretty much exactly like it did when I put it on.

So the point? Band aid perfect fit bandages are totally awesome. You know, for band aids. And free stuff is awesome.


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