Mar 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, blueberry cheesecake, My birthday! (it was Monday, I'm 26 now!), shopping with mom, that I don't have to get my drivers license photo re-done for another 5 years - it turned out ok, but I hate getting it done!, awesome suppers out (I had scallop and red pepper penne, in a creamy cheese sauce with bacon and green onions Delicious? Very.), that my shifts at work are back to 8.5 hrs (8hrs payed, 30 min lunch break) - they had upped them to 9hrs and you wouldn't think 1/2 an hour would make much difference but it sure did, four day works weeks!, cake, gift cards, reading, The Sims 3 (I love this game a little more all the time...), New Stuff (for my b-day, I got a black zipper hoodie, another zipper-down sweater, 2 purses, 3 t-shirts, a nail polish pen and a pair of jeans! I am one lucky girl!), Hoodies!, Payweek!, green, black, grey, Balloons, unseasonably warm weather (it was 15°C yesterday, and they're calling for it to be 17°C on Sunday! Is it early May? Did we skip half of March and all of April?), purple nail polish, polka-dots, The kitty, The puppy, The Boyfriend, cupcakes, cucumbers.


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