Mar 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, excellent surprises, when good things happen at work (what? That almost NEVER happens!), That My birthday is 4 days away!, My Upcoming 3 day weekend (yay!), walks, warm days (warm enough to go for walks!), Jasmine and Memo, The Boyfriend, Ideas to boost creativity, writing, laughing, chicken fries, Blueberry cheesecake, Re-Watching Firefly, bake sales, Cupcakes with 5 different kinds of chocolate in them (Seriously), Hoods, reminiscing, DID I MENTION I HAVE  A THREE DAY WEEKEND? AND THAT MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY? (...sorry...), bright green, hot pink, sunshine yellow, rings, cats in sweater, dogs in coats, plans.


I am Danielle and you are? said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it is filled with lots of love and joy and fabulous cupcakes!


dee said...

Thank you very much!

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