Mar 8, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Good Morning, and Happy Monday! Last week, I was all about health and fitness. Well, mostly fitness, but that leads to health, right? This was another week of starting off strong, and then there was kind of lull in the middle, and the end...well, not as strong as the beginning, but not a total waste. I need to find a way to keep my motivation mid-week. It's those Wednesdays and Thursdays! They'll be the death of me, for sure.

Here's some cool stuff from the internet:

Trivial Pursuit Deluxe Edition - Now with 100% more Kitteh.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict - exactly as awesome as it sounds.

10 ways to identify a witch according to the Salem Witch Trials.

I don't know who thought that bananas and ham would make a good casserole combination (Paula Deen, apparently), but I agree that it sounds like the most disgusting recipe of all time.

Zombie shadow maker - very cool, and only $15!

Did you know that, along with being the first day of spring 'round these parts, March 20th is National Corndog Day? I didn't, but it sure sounds exciting! Planning to celebrate? Winona at Daddy Likey has some tips on what to wear on that special day.

101 Bacon Products for Fans of the Other White Meat Mmm, BACON!

Lion, Tiger and Bear form unusual Friendship - cute story.

This week, I'm continuing my major exercise kick. And this week (uh, minus yesterday...yesterday I did nothing - and I mean NOTHING. I just played the sims all day, which is why I'm posting this today instead of yesterday), I'm going to try to keep my motivation high everyday, not just at beginning.

Got any big plans this week? or How about some tips for me on staying motivated?


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