Jul 4, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday to all! Last Week, I didn't really have any goals. More of non-goals. I did pretty well. I mostly didn't do the things I had planned not to do. So I call that I win.

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This week is the first week of a new month! So I've revamped my goals and hopes and dreams and what not. My main focus is still on my exercise and fitness goals. This week, I'm committing to an hour of activity a day. Every day from now untill next Sunday. This is a big jump, but I'm confidant I can do it. I already have today's hour (plus an extra half hour) done and out of the way, and it's not even noon yet. Jasmine and and I went and explored the new walking trails downtown (they're really really nice).

What's up with you this week? Got any new goals for July?


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