Apr 26, 2010

Ten Silly Things

Sometimes, I get the urge to learn something silly and pretty useless. Usually, I just forget about it and move on, but no more. I've made a list, and I'm going to start checking things off.

10 Silly Things I'm Going to Learn to Do
  1. One Awesome card trick
  2. One easy magic trick
  3. One magic trick that's a little bit harder
  4. To Juggle with 3 Balls
  5. How to Whistle using my hands (aka hand cooing)
  6. Five origami things (Origami shapes? I don't know how to word this. You know what I'm talking about, right?)
  7. Perfect the coin walk
  8. How to Spin a Pen
  9. Make three different Balloon Animals
  10. To be able to sing along with the Song One Week by Barenaked Ladies (I know all the words, but do you think I can keep up? No, I can not. It drives me crazy)

Why Would I want to learn these so-called useless skills? First and foremost, for fun. Life is fun, and useless skills make it more fun. Also, a little bit to show off. Have you ever been shown an awesome card trick? Like, a really awesome one that you have no idea how it worked (one time, in high school, this guy showed me this card trick, where the cards he was looking for kept appearing under my hand. Which was flat down on the table...I still think there may have been some sort of sorcery involved)? That person, showing the trick, in that moment, is the coolest person in the room. To me at least. Maybe I'm just easily impressed. Whatever. Anyway, I want people to think I'm cool, or at least kind of interesting. And finally, every skill, useless or not, can help you in other areas of your life. A lot of my silly things will improve my hand/eye coordination, something that I have little of. Ta-da! A good reason to learn to juggle. For more on this, check out Why Useless Skills Matter at Happenchance.

Is there something you've always wanted to learn, but haven't because you thought it was useless? Or, do you have any "useless" skills perfected already?


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