May 31, 2012

Little things I'm Loving

It's been a trying couple of weeks. I'm not going to get into all the gory details, but let's just say it's been pretty not great. And things don't exactly look up in the near future. That's why it's exactly the right time for a gratitude/love list. Won't you join me? Post your own in the comments or on your own site.

Here are some of the things I'm loving right now:

Apple Blossom Weekend: The Apple Blossom Festival is a yearly event here in the valley, and it's kind of a big deal. Although this year might lack some of my regular traditions, there's still Fireworks tomorrow night, parades on Saturday and general fun to be had by all. I took some vacation that has resulted in a four day weekend, so that's also something to put a little spring in my step.

Hearing this song on the radio this morning:

It's time to go old school. Yo.

(also, is it just me, or is this Hi Res version of that video a little unsettling? I like my 90s faded and slightly out of focus, thanks)

My husband, my kitty and my hound: They bring a lot of happiness to my world. I couldn't possibly say enough on this point, so I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Wildlife sightings: Birds in my bird feeder (and at my new hummingbird feeder!), chipmunks and pheasants my my front lawn and deer right across the street. It's been a busy spring in my neighbourhood!

Cheese: Who doesn't love cheese? That's an instant pick me up right there. Feeling blue? Eat some cheese.

Nicki Minaj: Like the rest of the world, I'm pretty obsessed with Nicki Minaj. There are a bunch of songs that I absolutely hate, aside from the parts that feature Nicki Minaj. Like this one:

Man do I ever hate this song. As I said though, except for the little bit with Nicki Minaj. To be fair though, I probably wouldn't hate it at all if it wasn't for the "L U V MADONNA" part. My hatred for it makes me a little crazy. The rest of the song is actually pretty ok.

Ok, Example two:

I just found this today. I'm generally not a Mariah Carey fan, but I find her tolerable most of the time. Overall, this song is pretty stupid. But then there's that part....

New recipes and kitchen experiments that work out: Cajun Mac and Cheese, slow cooker wrap filling, empanadas...Nothing to make you feel accomplished like new recipes that turn out excellently.

Fixing up my garden: Just about everything in my garden in perennial and very low maintenance, but my garden was a bit of a mess. Until last weekend. Old, dead plant parts cleared away, pulled out some weeds and added some new top soil - now it's more beautiful sanctuary, less recently abandoned house where the weeds are just beginning to reclaim their territory.


Want more? Of course you do!

You will find yourself singing this all day now. You're welcome.

Have you ever been in this situation
Where you lost your keys and your mobile phone?
Oh Where me keys?
Oh Where me phone?
Oh Where me keys?
Oh Where me phone?

Speaking of Brittan's Got Talent...:

That was a lot of videos, I know.

Random stuff: The colour teal, wine, world history, reading, sunshine, LifeHacker, Pinterest, My favourite co-workers, snuggling.

...I'm feeling better already.


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