May 3, 2010

10 Silly Things: My first attempt at origami

On of my 10 silly things is to learn two origami shapes. I thought I'd start with the obvious: The Paper Crane. Should I maybe have started with something easier? Probably. But if I'm only perfecting two, this would have to be one of them. Might as well start strong. I used these instructions.

I first needed some paper. Perfectly square paper. I was not going to waste any good paper on a first attempt, so I made a square out of a sales flyer.

Square, more or less...

Uh, yeah. I know. The edge I cut is not exactly straight. Even though I drew the line to cut on with a ruler. Awesome start.

...and then I got confused at step 11, got things all unfolded and refolded wrong and then ended up tearing my paper.

You can't see it, but it's totally torn.

Paper crane, attempt #1: Fail.


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