May 2, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Welcome to a new week! Last week was mostly uneventful. I did my and the boyfriend's taxes and filed them, with two days to spare. I think that's a new record for me. I know last year I filed them right on April 30th. I'm so glad they're done. Tax forms make my brain feel mushy. The boyfriend fixed the aquarium, so I no longer have a bucket of fish in my living room. I tried to get some exercise in, and was modestly successful. I made my first attempt at origami and failed miserably (more on that later). The boyfriend and I decided to buy a car because ours is going to cost way, way too much to fix (we're picking it up tomorrow! So excited). Uh...yeah. I guess that's it. Needless to say, it's been a busy week.

Time for links:

10 common fast food sandwiches way worse then KFC's Double Down

Sticking with a food theme, here are 20 awesome cupcakes. And they are awesome.

Ok, that's enough about food. Lets move on to diseases (naturally). Here are 6 Terrifying Diseases that Science Can't Explain. Yay!

Thinking about learning a second language? If you want to start with an easy one, don't pick one of these.

Well...That was kind pathetic. Here, how about some pictures I took this past week instead:

This week, I'm going to get out walking again, since there is some sunshine (or at least days without rain) in the the forecast. After today, anyway. Today I'm doing some landscaping. Other then that...I don't know. Anything could happen.


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