May 23, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Welcome to another Sunday! Last week, I had lots of big plans. Or, I guess they were little plans, but there were a lot of them. I got my photo editing done. And I got my exercise in. I made it out for one walk. Other then that...enh. Halfway there, I guess.

Here's some cool stuff I found online last week:

In a Perfect World...

Did you know that you can not be buried in Venice? They use the nearby island of San Michele. Mental_Floss's Strange Geographies takes us on a tour.
Fairy Light Appreciation ♥ I've always called them mini lights, but whatever you call them, they sure are pretty!

A new study found that a lot of people who think they have allergies don't.

Arial is not a font - The difference between font and typeface. Also, why we say "uppercase" and "lowercase".

"someone might have a reason to buy a bag of infants. But what could they possibly KEEP them in?" 

Check out this beautiful night sky. Can you imagine standing there in person? I can, but I bet my imagination wouldn't even come close doing the real thing justice. Want another beautiful landscape shot? Ok, try this one. Stunning. Although, that one I'd rather just look at the picture. Snow and me...we're not really friends. 

Zombie Disney - So great!

Cats vs Dogs - an info graphic

Beach Art - What is most incredible about this one, is the scale of it. Giant, beautiful works of art in the sand.

Speaking of beaches, here are 7 Beautifully Bizarre Beaches. Green sand, pink sand, black sand...this world we live in is incredible, weird, wonderful and gorgeous.

Seven Crimes to consider before Music Piracy. If you live in Illinois, anyway. But I'm sure it applies loosely to other places as well.

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook - I don't actually use my facebook, and I probably wont go as far as deleting my account, but it's an interesting read, no matter how you feel about facebook.

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me 10 Years Ago

This week, my shifts at work are back to normal, making it easier to get things done and plan ahead. Mostly though, I want to keep up with the exercise I've been doing so well with lately, and I want to take photos for my scavenger hunt, which I haven't been doing well with. And maybe bake something.

How was your week?


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