Jun 19, 2010

Animals I've seen this week

Some of the animals I've seen this week(sort of in order, but not entirely):

I saw my Own kitty (Memo), My silly Beagle (Jasmine), My Betta Fish (Jackson), The Fish (and ghost shrimp) in our Big aquarium, and The six zillion Malaysian Trumpet Snails in the two aquariums and the one goldfish left in our pond.

On a drive to my Grandfather's I saw several fields full of cows (including some little babies!), a field full of horses (I think there were 6 or 8 of them), a field full of alpacas (I said to my mom that I didn't know the difference between alpacas and llamas. She told me that "llamas are ugly and alpacas are cute." Also, llamas are bigger. I guess.), a bunch of dogs (there were probably 7 or 8 dogs....a tiny one, a golden retriever, a golden lab maybe, a Saint Bernard and some others) getting obedience training in a fire station parking lot across the street from Grampy's house, a little beagle puppy, some scruffy looking small dog, and a tall brown and white speckled dog.

I saw lots and lots of goldfinches, a bunch of chickadees, tons of starlings and grackles, lots of doves, some crows, and a nuthatch.

We went to the pet store (and bought six more goldfish for the pond), where I saw lots of animals, including but not limited to: a pile of sleeping kittens, a whole bunch of puppies that all seemed to be different types of chihuahua crosses, a sleeping chinchilla, a couple degu, some rats & mice & hamsters & such, lots of birds, tanks upon tanks of fish, lots of betta fish, a shiny black scorpion, a Green Anole lizzard, three bunnies (two with floppy ears!) and a guinea pig.

I saw a mallard duck. I saw a dog that may or may not have been a border collie, and one that may or may not have had some pit bull in it. A black/gray poodle-ish dog out for a walk. I saw the heron in the duck pond on the way to work. I saw blue jays eating sunflower seeds. I saw the splotchy colored neighbourhood kitty that I thought must have died because I hadn't seen it this year since the weather got nice (so yay, not dead!). Two dogs getting walked: a grey and white dog that if I had to guess I'd say was a shih tzu and a black and beige dog that I couldn't guess a breed if my life depended on it.

On Tuesday morning, I opened my bedroom curtains and saw two sapsuckers pecking at the maple tree on my front lawn. As I was standing there watching them, my eyes drifted to my neighbour's driveway across the street and saw - to my complete surprise!- a deer standing there! I yelled to the boyfriend that there was a deer across the road, but he didn't hear me and it walked away before he would have been able to get upstairs to see it anyway. I like to think it stood there just long enough for me to see it, so I could write about it here. lol. I saw a chipmunk stuffing his face with sunflower seeds untill they were good and chubby.

I saw a black lab who's face was gray with age and a black and white kitty sleeping on a deck railing. There was a dark golden retriever hanging it's head out a car window, making sad eyes at me as I drive by. Dogs getting walks: three small white dogs, a giant dog, a medium sized dog and a very pretty large brown and white dog.

I saw chipmunks at our bird feeder every morning from Tuesday on. I <3 chipmunks! I know there are at least two of them, because I saw them both at the same time, but last year we had like...4 or 5. I hope they all come back this year. On Thursday I saw a chipmunk fall out of the bird feeder. It was sad and kind of funny. (It fell into the lilac bush and got right back up and back into the bird feeder).

I saw a dog wearing a spiked collar and who had one ear pointed up and one down with it's head out the window of a contractor's van. I saw a silly brown dog out for a walk, young, still learning to walk good on a leash.  I saw a chocolate lab and a black lab. I saw a whole bunch sapsuckers. I think they had babies and are all coming to the bird feeders now, because some were huge and some were tiny. I saw a male and female grosbeak, whiche neither the boyfriend or I had seen at the bird feeders before! And I'd actually never seen one before, period.

I saw a chihuahua, a dog tied to a sign post, some sparrows, a robin and a northern flicker. I saw two dogs in a jeep. I went for a walk with jasmine, and saw 10 different dogs in their respective yards. I saw four noisy geese. I saw three kitties.

I went to a fishing tournament way in, and saw a bunch of bass in buckets being weighed. I saw four horses, 20 or 30 ducks (plus ducklings!) and a bird that I couldn't identify (It was big and kinda greyish colored).

.....I think that's it.


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