Jun 21, 2010

My Two Favorite Things About June

June is more then halfway done! Can you believe it? This month just kind of disappeared before my very eyes. Time to slow things down and stop to think about my two favorite things about June. Luckily, both things start appearing mid-June or later!

#1- Local strawberries - Local Strawberries have just started popping up in grocery stores and farm markets all around me! They're still a bit on the pricey side ($3.49 a pint I saw on a sign yesterday), but soon the prices will start dropping and then then U-Picks will open! Local berries are not only cheaper, but they taste like little bites of heaven. So sweet and juicy.

a photo from my garden!
 #2 - Lilies - Lilies are my favorite flower. I've got several different varieties in my garden, and mid-June is when the first of the day lilies bloom! Yay, Lilies!

ps: It's also the first day of summer today! Why not celebrate by doing something summer-y?

Isn't June an awesome month? What are your favorite things about June?


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