Jun 10, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, campfires, fireworks, friends, family, dogs in costume, photos, exercise, stretching, just the right thing happening at just the right time, TV Shows: Dollhouse & V, reading, learning, checking things off my lists, tacos, cooking, The Kitty, The Puppy, The Boyfriend, the end of particularly horrible work days (weeks...months... lol), irises, the heron I sometimes see in the duck pond on the way to work (a heron! So cool. I don't know what it's doing in the duck pond), ducks and geese, seeing people out walking their beagles, handfuls of M&Ms, getting frees stuff in the mail (books! a magazine! an envelope full of Kotex products!), things covered in melted cheese (bubbly, melty, cheesy goodness!), getting good news, applying for jobs, practicing my interview answers (in case one ever comes my way...), purple, buds on my day lilies, The Sims 3, plaid, sleeping in. 


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

I'm lovin' the hand full of M&M's and tasty treat. Today, I like sunshinem typing and eating sloppy joes ha....I'll be posting what I love later on today :) Have a fab day :)

dee said...

Sloppy Joes and Sunshine....sounds good to me! :)

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