Jun 16, 2010

Strange Things You Can Buy on Amazon.com (That Might Just be Perfect for Father's Day)

So, Father's Day is coming up this weekend. I always have a hard time with Father's Day presents, since my Dad's Birthday is earlier the same month. Luckily this year my Mom told me exactly what to buy him (thanks, Mom!). A lot of you out there may have not been so lucky. So, this morning, I was aimlessly browsing around on Amazon and I thought, Man, there are some strange things available. You know who might like these weird things? Dads! And Thus, here we are.

So, it you're having trouble finding a gift for the father that has everything, or you just want to get Dad something a little different this year, check out the following:

For The Big Kid At Heart

 Flying Pig: It's a pig and it flies. How awesome is that? 

USB Panic Button: What does it do, exactly? Um, as far as I can tell, nothing. But, according to the Technical Details it's a "Great Desktop Conversation Item", a "Great Desktop Conversation Item". Also, "Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured".

6pc Set of Slingshot Flingshot Flying Animals: Slingshot animals that you can fling at things. Oh, and they make sounds.

Air Hogs R/C Havoc Heli: Another cool thing that flies!

For The Meat Lover

 Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Beef Jerky 6-Pack Gift Cooler: It's an insulated cooler filled with 11 assorted 1.75oz packs of our Buffalo Bills Beef Jerky. That's a whole lot of jerky. 

Venison Summer Sausage 3 Pack: "Deer meat is mild-flavored and tender. It is naturally low in fat, calories, and cholesterol."

20-4-oz Ostrich Patties: If jerky and venison sausage are not quite different enough for your dad's taste, how about some extra lean ostrich burgers?

If You're Looking to Spend Big
(and when I say big, I mean REALLY big)

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank:  Sure, for Twenty Thousand Dollars you could buy dear old dad a brand new car, but this is much, much cooler.

Relaxman Relaxation Capsule: If your dad is stressed out, maybe he needs this relaxation capsule. From the site: "Be the first in the U.S. to own one of the finest relaxation devices invented. Used in helath clinics all over Europe. Designed by the world famous Biotonus Clinic in Switzerland specifically for relaxation and stress reduction. The custom designed Relaxman is completely heat, light, and sound proof, providing total isolation for the ideal environmental therapy. Inside, the heated water mattress stays at body temperature while soothing, preprogrammed music and lights take you into a deep state of relaxation."


Rat Dissection Manual: So maybe your Dad always wanted to be a mad scientist. I don't know.

MANGROOMER Do-it-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver:  Um...Yeah.

Crab Doorknocker: Why have a regular doorknocker, when you could have one shaped like a crab? And if crabs aren't your father's style there is also a Solid Cast Iron Woodpecker DoorknockerBoxer Dog Doorknocker BronzeSPI 30749 Horse & Horseshoe Doorknocker and a Solid Brass Greek God Doorknocker.

Sushi Popper: It's sushi (California Roll) on a stick. It's kind of like a Push Pop, but with sushi instead of candy. $29.99 will get you a 6-pack of Sushi Poppers, which is the equivalent of 42 pieces of sushi.   

Of Course, you could just get him a Gift Card.


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