Jun 6, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Hello and Happy Sunday! Last week, I finished up 4 weeks to a better body. Did I notice a difference? No, not really. But, even so, I know it was good for me. I know I have got to be a bit stronger because of it. Right? Tuesday was the start of a new month, so I spent some time creating some new goals. Or, more precisely, I moved all the goals from last month on to this month, because aside from my exercise goals, I majorly slacked off last month. It's in the past now, so no use dwelling, right. Look to the future, and all that.


Thinking of trying some new beers this summer? You might want to steer clear of these 9, dubbed some of the worst beer on earth. I totally agree with Sleeman's Clear being on the list - I bought it once because it was on sale, and never again, no matter what the price.

The title of this next link says it all: Funny and Lovely Animal Photos to Inspire a Great Mood.

7 Lost Bodies of of Work (That Would Have Changed Everything)

How to Forecast Weather without gadgets. Watching animals is a good tip. In the winter, whenever there was an upsurge of birds at our bird feeders, you could bet there was always a snow storm coming.

Woman Sues Google after being hit by a car while using walking directions Wow..just...wow.

The 6 Most Important Things Humanity Just Plain Forgot

Behavioral Cafe: Part cafe, part research lab. Very cool. (via boing boing)

7 Lost Time Capsules - Now I want to make a time capsule.

The secret of the crystal skull The Mitchell-Hedges skull (one of the most famous examples of crystal skulls): Is it a real Maya artifact, or a fake?

Nap Time at the Flickr blog

This week, I want my exercise to not feel so much like exercise. I'm going to tend to my neglected garden and take walks for adventure and photography. Speaking of photography, I need to get on top of my photo editing. Seriously, if unedited photos was undone laundry, I wouldn't be able to get in bed without pushing piles onto the floor.

What are your plans for the week?


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