Jul 8, 2009


Lets start things off with a little photographic inspiration 20 Effective Reflection Photos is incredible. Really.

How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains - Dr. David A. Kessler describes some reasons for over eating and how foods are designed to stimulate our desire for more.

Google 241543903 for photos of people with their heads in freezers. via Laughing Squid. Man, the internet is weird.

Shocking Food Network/Rachael Ray Magazine Advertising Statistics. Food Network Humor takes a look at the advertising in Food Network Magazine, Rachael Ray, Time, Us Weekly, Paula Deen, Bon Appetit, and Star.

(The Customer Is) Not Always Right: The Child May Get a Himself Complex, Dinner Without a Show is No Dinner At All, Hand Washing's Heyday is Gone, Desperate For Dessert, Where There's a Pill There's A Way, Delicious Deals, Children Should Come With a Manual...Or a Hotline, and Super Absorbent for Those Mentally Heavy Days.

Doe Deere of Lime Crime writes about running your own business.

How about trying out some Everyday Acts of Fantastic?

The Bacon Fairy - So THAT'S where bacon comes from!

This Tattoo made me laugh...and also made me crave a nice, refreshing can of Pizza.

Scientology: The Truth Rundown is part one of a three part special report on Scientology.

Who Approved That? 7 Food Promotions Gone Horribly Wrong.

Come to the Fair! (Funny Newspaper clipping)

Hot Dogs. They seem to be all over the internet right now. Which is fine with me, I like hot dogs. Would you eat these 10 Off-The-Wall Hot Dogs? I'd totally eat the ditch dogs. Mac & Cheese + Hot Dog is a great combination, but I'd never think to put it on a bun. How about these Globally Inspired Hot Dogs? A lot of them sound awesome, some strange but interesting, but I just don't know about putting banana on my hot dog a la Hawaiian Dog. Also, This is a cheese stuffed bacon wrapped hot dog. You're welcome.

Awesome Black and white photo of a Small Man with a Cat.

"I Was Looking for Panda Sauce, Thanks Fresh Direct!"

Important Skill: How to Capture a Giant Squid.

Crazy adorable Caterpillar Sushi Rolls.

There are blue koi in the ponds of Maruoka Castle. Seriously cool.

More Funny from the newspaper: What?, What?, Really?, Easy mistake to make, Serendipity, and Most Wanted Fugitive?

Gorgeous chandeliers, shaped like ships.

nytimes.com shares the stories of people who got bargains on incredible houses because they're in terrible locations. What's more important to you? Location or living space?

Fallen Princesses: Disney Just Got Real is a great set of photos that puts Disney Princesses in real world situation.

Light Breakfast - It could literally float away!

I Love Good Photo Manipulation, mostly because I suck at it. These 40 examples are indeed incredible.

Interesting Facts about Beavers.

45 photos of unusual canned foods from around the world. I have wanted to get a cheeseburger in a can for awhile. I don't want to eat it though, the reviews are terrible. I just want one. To show people.

MEASLES: A Dangerous Illness is an Article by Roald Dahl about measles, his daughter Olivia and vaccinating your children. via boing boing.

Call Now: The Infomercial Slogan Quiz

Armies Hopped up on Drugs - Apparently, history (including recent history) is full of them.

Life With a 100-lb Rodent that Sounds like a Geiger counter when it's Happy. His name is Caplin, and I think he's adorable. And I don't usually like rodents, giant or otherwise. (via boing boing, which is also where I got the link title)

I think this is my favorite cake wrecks ever. I especially like the rubber duck/lobster "12 Month anniversary" cake.

25 Ugly Food Tattoos. They're pretty awesome/awful, but they're no can of pizza. Also, I kinda like the happy dancing meat tattoo. I mean, I don't want one of my own, but it's kinda cute.

Doctors are both baffled and intrigued by Brooke Greenberg, a girl who does not age.

Meme Scenery - Several internet memes, but with only the background.

Photoshot Disasters: Behind You!

An illistrated graph on tasty desserts. Price vs tasty-ness.

Found Magazine Find of the Day: Ol' Greb. Sometimes I drink Bailey's from a shoe.

Comic: The Science News Cycle. So true.

In Defence of Distraction. The Benifets of Distraction and over Stimulation.


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