Jul 30, 2009


These are the shoes I recently bought. As I've mentioned before, they're for my brother's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid. Yes, I picked them out myself, and yes, there just might be something wrong with my head. See, I don't wear a lot of heels. I used to, when I was younger. In fact, I wore pretty much nothing but heels for long enough that people thought I was actually tall. (ha!) But those were chunky heels, platforms and wedges. Nothing like this. I'm actually not doing that bad in them. I've been practicing! In fact, I'm wearing them right now. Yesterday, I wore them for more then an hour around the house while I did things like empty the dishwasher, sweep the floors and fix a snack. I even took a trip up and down the basement stairs. I know practice is going to be the key to mastering them (Also, I've read good things about Dr. Scholl's for her high heel inserts so I might try to get my hands on some of those!), and I've got just over a month to do it.

Other then "Practice, practice, practice!", Anyone have any tips for walking in very high heels/stilettos?


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