Jul 26, 2009

Review: KitKat Senses

I was at the dollar store, and I spotted these KitKat Senses in the junk food isle. It was 65¢ so I grabbed one. I'd seen them in stores before and had been curious to try them. The package describes them as "Real milk chocolate, crispy wafer and and creamy hazelnut filling." Sounds pretty awesome, right?

It smells like a KitKat, with a slightly hazelnutty-ness. So far, so good.

It tastes...like a KitKat, but with less flavor. The chocolate was really creamy, but pretty bland. The hazelnut flavor was very very faint, and almost undetectable.

Overall, it was pretty disappointing. I'd rather have a regular KitKat. Or better yet, a KitKat Chunky, which I have no idea why it's better then a regular KitKat, it just is.


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