Jul 14, 2009

Review: SunChips Peppercorn Ranch

I was looking something snack like at work, so I made a stop at the break room vending machine. After considering my options, I decided on SunChip's Peppercorn Ranch Flavor. I opened the bag and took a sniff. I was kind of disappointed that they smelled like nothing, but hey, at least they didn't smell bad, right? On first taste they had very little flavor. Anyone who has ever had SunChips knows that they have a distinct flavor that I would describe as "Whole Grainy-ness", which makes sence, since they're a multi-grain chip. That's pretty much all it tasted like. There was a slight ranch flavor, but it was really faint. A few more chips in, the ranch flavor got stronger, but not so strong that it over powered the Whole Grainy-ness.

Overall, I found them quite enjoyable. I'd get them again.


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