Jul 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Strawberries! - On Sunday, the boyfriend and I wen to the U-Pick and picked a flat of strawberries. That's 8 boxes of strawberries, and it only cost $9. Can't beat that! So I've been snacking on strawberries and eating strawberry shortcake all week. Yum!

Holiday Pay - Yesterday was Canad day, which is a stat holiday. And I was working. Canada Day is not a bad holiday to work, since I probably wouldn't have done anything anyway. So, I got time and a half for working, plus 8 hours pay for the stat holiday, which will work out to a good hunk of extra cash on a future paycheck. Which is always a good thing.

Winning things - I just won 10 airmiles and something else from work. I don't even know what the something else is yet, and it'll probably be some crappy useless garbage, but who cares?! Winning makes you feel good.

Kennel Training the Dog - We've been having a really hard time house training Jasmine, and things were especially bad at night. One gets pretty tired of having to clean up puppy pee every single morning, ya know? We wanted to kennel train her, but dog kennels are pretty pricey. Well, my dad found us a perfect size kennel at a yard sale for $15! Great Deal. It worked like a charm. Jasmine doesn't even cry when we put her in it, she just goes to sleep. Perfect!

Other: Coffee, my big red purse, chicken burgers, laughing, walks, Bif Naked, singing, Online Banking, black pens.


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