Jul 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

1. ♥ Coffee and oreo, 2. Lily, 3. Free Punk Girl with Lollipop Strawberry Fields Forever Creative Commons, 4. Blue Hawaiian

coffee, fruit salad, salad in general, playing with new make-up, walks, planning, anticipating packages (bridesmaid shoes! luggage!), pay week w/ extra $$ for working canada day, deep breaths, working on becoming the best me possible (as cheesy as that is), purple, sunshine, six feet under, The Offspring, tanktops, photography, ninjas, Eureka, flowers in my garden, lilies, chipmunks and their chubby sunflower seed filed cheeks, Burn Notice, Blazers, pinstripes, dark blue nails (With Sparkles!), blueberry muffins, clearance sales at the liquor store (cheep fruity wine, $4-something a bottle!), clearance sales in general, tiny green tomatoes waiting to turn red, necklaces.


Sarah Von said...

Cheap fruity wine *is* fantastic, isn't it? Summer would be incomplete without it!

dee said...

Sarah Von: I agree!

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