Jan 14, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, Burn Notice Marathons, Nachos, clearing off and cleaning up my desk, hot chocolate, my purple hoodie (it's just a $12 wallmart front zipper hoodie, but I love it to pieces), finding lost things, rings, More Nachos, Green Tea, getting things done, reading, New Episodes of Chuck & Grey's Anatomy & Bones & NCIS, This Newspaper Clipping, And this one too("half Appaloosa, half Labrador retriever" lol), perfect big fluffy snowflakes (is it possible to love snowflakes while hating the snow? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is), waffles, bacon, breakfast sausage, sausages in general, breakfast foods at supper time, feelings of accomplishment, scarves, Cream Soda, everything skulls and crossbones related, writing, blue & orange M&Ms, really cheep pens that put out too much ink, poster prints that say things like today is awesome and Today I Will Be Happier The A Bird With a French Fry (mega cute!), applying for jobs, clean sheets, darkness, organizing my world, dragons.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I love quite mornings. Fries and chillie dogs w/everything. Laptop backgrounds (i have delicious cupcakes). Teddy Bears. Early Valentine's Day gifts. Smh @ Oprah. Polishing my toenails. The colour purple and orange. Writing my name a lot on blank pieces of paper.

dee said...

purple and orange - very awesome. And Quiet mornings are great!

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