Jan 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, Wide Eye Cherry Bomb schnapps (with cola),  The Sims: Castaway for PS2, Pay week!, brand new notebooks (even if they're just dollarstore ones), getting things done, stretching, exercise, Ham, Kraft Dinner, grilled pork chops, apples, pink, blue, orange, green, dreaming of warm weather, purring kitties, Day Dreams, block letters, sushi, dangley earrings, low ponytails and buns, beagle snuggles, new hair elastics (for weeks all I had were old stretched out ones that didn't work well and I kept forgetting to buy new ones...it's so great to finally have them!), East Coast Creamery Celtic Coffee Ice Cream ("a delicious combination of rich coffee and smooth irish cream flavoured ice cream with chunks of sweet chocolate." it is so incredible), My new Betta Fish - Jackson (once again, Rip Parker Fish),  The Boyfriend, sparkly-ness, singing really loud when I'm home alone, clearing things out of my closet, sales (and the weekly sales flyers), m&ms, stripes.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

This Thursday?

I like Frozen drinks, spaghetti, and Red Balloons. Oh and that bowl of mac&cheese looks comforting and delicilous :)

dee said...

frozen drinks are totally awesome. :)

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