Jan 17, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Hello Sunday! This week, I was off to a bit of a slow start...I didn't even get my Week in Review, Week Ahead posted untill Monday, and that's pretty much all I got done Monday. Tuesday, though, I kicked my ass into gear and actually started getting some things done. Do it Now, Don't Wait, right? This week I completed Week 3 of the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge (yay me!), I applied for a job, I cleared and decluttered my desk, I got all my photo editing up to date and I did a bunch of other regular mundane everyday things that needed doing. I feel pretty good about what I managed to accomplish this week.

How about some links?

How to Make Olive Penguins - Totally adorable, incredibly easy and your party guests will be mega impressed.

100 Games Cupcake Game - Can You guess them all? (I couldn't!) These are very awesome.

I know Christmas is way past over, but Santa's Little Goths from Awkward Family Photos is too awesome not to pass along.

25 Ways to Program Your Environment for Success Having trouble getting going on your goals? Get your physical space in order, and the rest will fall into place.

This Comic is Too Funny: 80s Celebrity stalked by killers on Twitter.

10 Competitive Eating Records The mayonnaise one totally grossed me out. The butter one too, but not as much as the mayo one. Eww.

Sad news

My betta fish, Parker died this morning.

RIP, Parker fish.

This week, I'm going to keep up the momentum of last week and get a lot done. Actually, I'm going to get more done. No procrastination, no excuses.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Happy Sunday!

LOL @ the comic, thanks. And the 100 Cupcakes are cute too :) I can't really see the pic tho :(

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