Apr 21, 2010

Giant Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

I've decided to post updates for the my photo scavenger hunt on Wednesdays. Seems as good a day as any.

So, not counting Friday, I'm 5 days in, and I've got 5 photos done. Not bad, I think!
#12 - Stop Sign

#54 - Something Lost
 I always wonder about lost shoes, especially single shoes. Did they fall out out of a backpack or a car? Or did someone lose one shoe on their way home and just not notice? Probably the former, but I like picturing the later more.

#99 - Fire Hydrant
 All of the fire hydrants in town are yellow and green. All of them, except this one, and one other, both right by the hospital. At least, those are the only two that I've ever seen.

#200 - Twenty-Two

 Twenty-two is my favorite number. Why? I don't know. It just is. 

#131 - Heart

A pretty good start!


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