Apr 25, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Welcome to another Sunday. Last week, I started off Sunday well with a quick walk before it started raining, every photo I took on the walk turned out terrible (seriously, I deleted every one of them) and later on I finally forced myself to bake something and post it to the food blog that I created forever ago and then never did anything with. Go me. I made Cinnamon Muffins, and they were pretty good. Things kind of went down hill from there, because just after that I started playing the sims 3, and then my power supply died. Dead dead dead. Push the power button and nothing happened. Apparently, it wasn't really powerful enough to run the new video card that I got for Christmas, and The Boyfriend (My in-house pc tech) knew this and wasn't at all surprised that I burnt it out. So it was an eventful Sunday. It's kind of been one of those weeks. Wednesday morning we woke up to our giant fish tank leaking. The 55 gallon tank. From the bottom. It was a slow leak, so while it didn't dump 55 gals of water on our floor (thank god), any water leaking out is not a good thing. So, while I was at work Wednesday, the boyfriend spent his day draining the aquarium. Fun times. Luckily that was the end of our bad luck for the week, and the rest was mostly uneventful.

Empty :(

Makeshift Fish Tank - 30 gal
Cooler full of plants, plecos and ottos.

Thai New Year - The Songkran festival These photos are completely gorgeous. So beautiful.

This Stationary of Horror is definitely horrifying. And awesomely bloody. (via boing boing)

Soyburgers Laced with neurotoxins - There is some debate about the study, and what it actually means in terms of health, but that's discussed in the two updates on the post and in the comments. Either way, it's important to stay informed. Also, this Q & A with the lead researcher for the study that prompted the post is very interesting and full of good information.

Did you know that you can use foil in the microwave? It's true! You just have to do it the right way. By the way, Broken Secrets is a pretty awesome site, even if I did get a little angry about hot dog etiquette.

Speaking of hot dogs, here are 10 things to know about hot dogs.

Speaking of lists of 10 things (lol) Mental_Floss has a Quick 10 about The Berenstain Bears! I used to love those books.

The 7 Worst Things That Can (and did) Happen at a Funeral

500 Photographers - 500 days of photographic inspiration. The site posts about a different photographer every days. It's wonderful. (via Photojojo)

Ever wonder why mint makes your mouth feel cold? Well, I honestly hadn't but now I know the answer either way.

How Future historians will use the Library of Congress' twitter archives

I was just reminded of this story: They're made out of Meat, by Terry Bisson I love this story! And IT reminds me of this Dinosaur Comics..er, comic. "Timmy is made out of meat. Your whole family is made out of meat." 

This week, the forecast has a lot of rain in it, meaning I will not be going for many walks. Which means I probably wont get a lot done with my scavenger hunt. Which is ok, no time limit, right? I miss the beautuful weeks when I could go for a walk everyday. Oh well. It's april, and it's not snowing. It could be much much worse. I've been making a lot of lists recently, things that need to be done, things that I want to do, things to learn. I guess it's time to stop making lists and actually do something. The one thing that has to be done this week is my and the boyfriend's taxes. They're due on Friday. Taxes aren't hard to get done, I have everything I need to do them, but I hate hate hate doing them. Yet, instead of paying someone else to do them, I've done my own every year, and now somehow the boyfriend has tricked me into doing his too. How did that happen? lol. Time to find my calculator, I guess.


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