Apr 7, 2010

Review: Smooth Away

For Christmas, I got a Smooth Away. For who is not familiar with the product, here's the infomercial

I know it's now April, but I'm just getting around to actually testing it. In my defense, I tested in on March 31st, so it wasn't actually April yet. That's not really much of an excuse, is it? Several times I'd thought about it, but then I thought, Screw it, and shaved my legs instead. Which is completely irrational, but whatever. That's me for ya.

I did not have high hopes for this product and it's claims of Easy, Safe, & Painless Hair Removal. Even if it is The Fastest Selling, Most Popular Women's Product In Europe. I mean, if it was so great, wouldn't everyone be using it by now? I've been trying hard to stay away from other people's reviews, lest it taint my opinion, and was mostly successful. I did, accidentally read one, which I don't remember the exact wording of, but it was something about sandpaper and the hardware store? Not exactly a glowing testimonial. That's just one person's opinion though, so I wasn't phased. On with the review.

Box and Travel Case


So? How was it?

Holy crap guys, it actually worked! And it was easy and painless. I forgot to take before and after shots, though, so...sorry. Now, it wasn't perfect. It wasn't as close as shaving. It didn't work well around the knees and ankles. I guess that's what the small one is for, but it's really small. I they need to add a medium size, maybe. And it wasn't exactly fast. In fact, it probably too me twice as long as shaving would have. Well, maybe not twice, but longer, definitely. But it did actually work. Remarkably well, actually. I was completely floored. I expected it to not work at all. At all. Also, I didn't hate it as much as I hate shaving, so that should count for something.

It would never completely replace other hair removal methods, sadly, as the commercial suggests, but it was worth $16.  I completely recommend it.


Jen said...

Glad to see a "real" person review this! I almost bought one a while back, but didn't. I despise shaving, so I'll have to give this a try. Would love to hear how long you can go between shaves...does it last longer than traditional shaving?

dee said...

I've only used it the one time (it's not exactly shorts weather yet, so I'm not as picky about shaving) but where it's not as "close a shave" as shaving, I'd guess it doesn't last longer.

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