Apr 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, winning things (even if they're small things), The Boyfriend, walks in the sunshine, kids on bikes who politely ask if the can pet my doggie when Jasmine and I are on our walks, Jasmine and Memo!, beer (especially Rickard's White Beer - my favorite! but I rarely buy it...I had it on the weekend, and remembered why it's my fav.), lifting weights, supper at mom and dad's, that we didn't get 30cm of snow (unlike my brother, in Fort McMurray, Alberta. He told me on Sunday that he was going to garbage bag the windows and stay inside untill it went away. lol. I don't blame him!), bacon, blackberry wine, making lists, finishing things, things growing in my garden, spring weather, magenta, bird watching from my bedroom window, celery and peanut butter, deep breaths, google maps (I've been using it's walking directions to map out walking routes and roughly how long it'll take me...it's been very useful, and actually pretty accurate!), laughing, time off the phone at work (basically to color - double score! Coloring is awesome. And working in a call center can be a lot like elementary school sometimes...), people who cackle when they laugh really hard, purple, yellow, daffodils.


I am Danielle and you are? said...

My mom got me a Hello Kitty coloring book...I can not wait to get some crayons and start coloring!


dee said...

:) That is very awesome.

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