Nov 4, 2009

Feel Better: 5 Ways to Cope When You Have a Cold

It happens every year around this time. The weather gets cooler, the leaves change color and people get sick. It's cold and flu season and this year it's hitting me hard. I'm on my third cold already, and it's only November. The first one was pretty mild, but the second two have been totally kicking my ass. Colds suck and that's the truth. To help get you through your own bouts with the sick, here are a few of my favorite ways to cope when I'm feeling under the weather.

Get lots of rest

I'm usually one of those people who, unless they're on their death bed, tries to soldier on and go about my regular routine. "It's just a cold! I'm fine!" I'll says, even though I'm miserable and the cold drags on and on. A few days into cold number two, I arose feeling particularly terrible and thought, Screw it, I'm staying home. I called in sick to work and spent the whole day in bed. The next day, although still sick, I felt at least ten times better. Get some rest. You'll feel better.

Drink huge amounts of water

When I say huge amounts, I mean huge amounts. I pretty much double my regular water intake, and I already drink quite a bit of water. It always makes the cold more bearable. Although I haven't tried it, I'm sure that fruit juices and clear broth soups could be subbed in for some of the water. It's all about keeping sufficiently hydrated.

Sore throat tip #1: Gargle with Salt Water

This is totally disgusting and i avoid it at all costs. It really does help though, so if you're desperate, give it a try. I have no idea why it works, but this site suggests that it has to do with drawing water out to reducing swelling.

Sore throat tip #2: Hot Beverages

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate  - whatever. It's very soothing, however temporary. My favorite is hot milky tea.

Cold Pills and Neocitran

Both are very helpful when dealing with a cold. I like Neocitran because it also doubles as a hot beverage. It's not very tasty though. Cold pills have no taste, are portable and easy. There are tons of choices depending on your symptoms, but I always find myself standing in the drug store isle, feeling miserable, trying to make a choice from what seems like a million options, none of them quite fitting all of my symptoms. If at all possible, write down your symptoms send someone else to buy them for you.

How are you making out this cold season? What tips do you have for coping?

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