Nov 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, creamy alcohol, Bones Season 1 and 3 (and a little 2...and kinda 4...5's not shaping up to be too bad, low fat fudge brownie frozen yogurt (it is so so so good, low fat or not!), chocolate cookies, The Sims 3 (back on that obsession again..), payweek, working on holidays (double time and a half!), dreaming up new projects, planting bulbs in my garden (tulips and crocuses!), honey oat bread, Black and Navy Clothing, bizarre dreams, giggling, Ideas for Christmas Presents, olive green, orchids, seeing doggie christmas outfits in the sales fliers (!!), deer steak, resting, when things go right, cuddles, the Happiness Project.


♥cherry. said...

The Sims = virtual crack! i love your TiLT. it's delightful.

dee said...

I know! It is so very addictive!

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