Nov 1, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

So, this my weekly mission was to get my house nice and clean. I did alright. I cleaned and put away my muddy boots and did a bit of tidying up on Sunday. I also did a quick sweep of the house (oh I love having all tile floors!).  Monday I did a complete cleaning of my beta, Parker's tank which, although the water was clean, was getting pretty green on the sides. And the plants. And the frog ornament. It was pretty slimy. Tuesday was a big day for cleaning.  I organized my desk, which was a clutter nightmare. Cables and papers and bills and envelopes and crap. Everything has been filed, thrown out, put away or straightened up. Then I dusted every surface that could be dusted. Shelves, window sills, the top of the big aquarium, ceiling fans, my keyboard tray, the top of my computer, etc. I love my swiffer duster. Wednesday I did nothing. I know. Thursday I did a major sweep of the whole house. I moved the bed and other furniture to sweep under it. Sweep, sweep, sweep. The pile of cat/dog (although mostly cat) hair was kind of scary. I also did laundry and emptied the dishwasher for the third time this week. Friday. I cleaned the bathroom sink & mirror, and also the kitchen sink. I also wiped down the counters and swept the floor again.  Saturday I changed the cat litter. Did I get everything done that I wanted to? No. Did I do better then most weeks? Yes.

Most adorable photo I saw this week: Winnie The Pooh Puppy.

Funniest newspaper clipping: More suspicious people! I love the wording "merely Canadian".

New thing I tried: Goose! I've never had goose before. It was...ok. Kind of dry, but not terrible.

Five best things I ate (best to least): 1. Blueberry Pie! 2. Taco Nuggets 3. Barbecue Chicken wings.  4. Pomegranate seeds 5. Halloween Candy

Saturday was Halloween! Pumpkins were carved (not by me, though. I don't carve pumpkins) and candy was given out. Some friends brought a Wii over and we had a bit of a tournament. There may have been beer involved. It's our first halloween in this house, and we didn't know how many kids we'd get, so we guess on how much candy to buy. Well, we had maybe 55 kids, so we've got LOTS of leftovers. Which is just fine by me.

Best Trick-or-treating story I've read ever: This story is hilarious.

Cutest costume seen: Two little kids dressed as teeny-tiny tigers. AWW.

This week's mission is to finish what I started. One thing I stated and didn't finish was last weeks cleaning. I've still got a couple of jobs I want to get done. Also, I haven't done any of my one hundred push ups challenge for almost a month. I wont exactly finish it this week, but I want to get back on track.

What do you want to accomplish this week?


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