Nov 16, 2009

Week in review, Week Ahead

Er, Hey, is it really Monday already? I'm a little late on this post. I wish I could say that I had a good reason for not getting this up yesterday, but I really don't. I spent the day playing The Sims 3 and catching up on tv shows.
Anyway, this week I had no mission. I got some rest. The cold is fading a little more everyday, and as of yesterday is mostly gone. Yay! I didn't get any push ups done. I got my Flu shot (just the regular one, not the swine one). That's about it. Yep. I know, thrilling, right?

Good Advice for Bloggers: 100 Ways To Find Ideas For Your Blog Posts   You're welcome.

I love Flowcharts. This one made me laugh. My favorite part: "Do You see the boxes?" --->no--->Wait, what? lol.

Best thing I saw on the way home from work: An owl! It flew across the street above and in front of the car. It was 4:30pm, so I don't know why he was awake so early, but it was really cool.

I am totally in awe of people who make awesome cakes. Check out this Solar System Cake. How Cool is that?

Someone painted their nails to look like bacon. Seriously awesome.

This week, my mission is to get moving. Hey remember way back when I was taking walks most days? and when I was doing push ups three days a week? Yeah, Those days are long gone, and I need to get them back.
I'm kind of a little bit more then obsessed with the Happiness Project right now. I'm starting my own project, and exercise fits right into that. I've been coming up with sort of mantras to help me out with it - much like the Twelve Personal Commandments over on the site. One of them I've come up with is Healthiness is Happiness to remind myself exercise more, eat better foods and just generally all around be more healthy.

What are you working on this week?

image by mikebaird


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