Nov 27, 2009

Five Cool Online Games

Got some time to kill? (It is Friday, after all!) Here are four fun games to play online. You'll enjoy them, I promise.

#1 Steak House or Gay Bar?
This one is really simple. Very very very very simple. The site shows you a name of a real establishment (Examples: Blue Lagoon, Strip House, The Oak Room, The Flying Cow, etc) and you guess if it's a Steak House or a Gay Bar. It's kind of funny, and it'll kill some time, although if you're anything like me you'll tire of it quickly.

#2 Trivial Pursuit Experiment
I love love love Trivial Pursuit. Love it. I am a wealth of useless knowledge, so I do pretty well. At least I think I do. I don't know. Anyway, this site pits men against women to see who's smarter - hence the "experiment" part of the title. I don't really pay much attention to that through. I just answer the questions. There are a lot of questions, too, so you don't have to worry about running out before you tire of playing.

#3 Kingdom of Loathing
I had forgotten all about Kingdom of Loathing! I used to play this game ALL the time! It's a turn based adventure game. The graphics are very simple (think stick figures) and the concepts are pretty silly but it's awesome. Trust me, you should give it a try.

#4 Tower Blaster

Another very simple time waster. Basically, you make a tower with the big numbers at the bottom and the small number at the top. Very simple! BUT it's a race against the vikings (ie the computer team)! Don't let them build their tower first, or you lose. There are eight levels (I think), with the high number getting smaller with each level. Can you beat them all? 

What games do you like to play online when you've got time to kill?


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