Nov 8, 2009

Week in review, Week ahead

Another week gone. This week, my mission was to Finish what I started. How did I do? Umm...well...not very well. I'm blaming it on the sick that wont go away. I did get a couple of things done that were unfinished, but...yeah. I mostly sulked around and laid in bed and watched tv shows. Thing I did get done: Got back into my one hundred push up challenge on Tuesday (only to fall off the wagon again for the rest of the week). I filled out some paperwork I'd been Putting off for some time. I cleaned the fridge. So I did some stuff. I had much bigger plans, but that's the problem with cold season.

Most Awesome thing I found online: The Flu Menu at Drop Off Service. VIA cmykaboom I've always said you can treat sickness with alcohol (the alcohol kills the germs, right?), but now with these recipes I can totally justify those claims. Favorite Quote (from the The Pomegranate Emergen-C Martini recipe): "the inhuman levels of vitamin C are integral for your well-being. That and vodka."

Something I learned: If I watch videos of beagles in which they howl (like this one), it upsets Jasmine. She thinks I'm hiding doggies in my computer speakers, and it makes her cry.

Best confection EVER: Dexter Blood Slider Suckers! And there are instructions on how to make your own! So cool. So very very cool.

This week I'm not doing a mission. I'm going to keep getting better, get back to my push ups, and that's it. No big plans.


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