Oct 25, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas

It's almost Halloween! Are you dressing up? I generally don't, and I don't imagine this year will be any different. That doesn't mean I can't admire other people's amazing costumes! Maybe I'll help you out by giving you an idea or two.

Rob at Cockeyed.com has had a plethora of incredible costumes, but my favorite has got to be the his paparazzi costume:

The flashes actually go off when he pushes a button.

Ok, so maybe you're looking for something a little more store bought. That's cool. Don't think that makes you resigned to a pirate or a witch or a sexy nurse! With a quick search I found Halloween Costumes 4 U, where you could be a Giant Zombie Biker:

Or a Scary Renaissance Queen:

Want something funny and vaguely disturbing? How about this:

Yeah, that's creepy.

Board Game Fan? Great! Dress as  Twister:

And if you really had your heart set on sexy nurse (and who doesn't?), you can at least be a little original and go as the Negligent Mad Nurse:

Are you all ready for halloween? Are you dressing up? Got your costume all planned out? Do tell!


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