Oct 4, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Monday to all! Oh wow, this is late. Oh well, better late then never, right? Yeah, we'll go with that. Anywho, Last week, I was determined to be ultra productive. And...I...well...I was semi-productive, I guess. I got some things done. Not as much as I'd hoped, but...yeah. Things were done.


20 of the Weirdest Canned Foods

Deep Fried Beer - From what I understand, it's a deep fried ravioli, made from a pretzel-like dough, filled with beer. I think the beer is still liquid. Sounds weird. I'd try it though.

Red Eye - "A visual diary documenting a flight from New York to Berlin (with a layover in London)." - totally cute.

5 Fictional Stories You Were Taught in History Class

This made me laugh. Because my mind is in the gutter. Want to buy some neon letter? "I have the letters “T”, “C”, “N” and “U” available".

What it means when you say "literally" - My love of The Oatmeal knows no bounds. or something.

These peacock cupcakes are full of epic awesome.

Styrofoam is not recycleable and is horrified that you think it is.

This is Your Life.

22 Incredible Photos of Faraway places

This paper gift topper is fantastic! I couldn't make it, since I can barely tie a bow around a present, but they make it look really easy!

This week, I've got four days (counting today) untill my Thanksgiving Vacation! I've finally got July's photos all posted to flickr, so I'll be working on getting August edited and posted. I'm also going to be cleaning my house top to bottom, because I've been putting it off for much too long. It's not that my house is dirty or messy, per se. It's just things like the baseboards, and the curtains and cupboards. Plus all my everyday regular cleaning. That I didn't get much done of last week. So that should take up pretty much all of my time. 


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