Oct 31, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween! Last week I had plans to get in some exercise and cut out sugar. I thought I'd be ok with the sugar thing, since it's only for a week and Halloween is today - technically a new week. Also, we didn't buy any Halloween candy because I have to work tonight so I wont be giving out candy. The Fiance is going to hide out at his parents, because no one wants to give out candy alone. So, that means no candy that I can sneak into before or after the night in question. So...no sugar. That was the plan. It was a huge failure, though. mega. Better luck next time, I guess. The exercise - I did pretty well on that front! I went for several walks with the dog. I at least got half way there

Yes, it's Halloween, but it's also Increase your Psychic Powers Day!

Pumpkin Pi - cute pun!

10 Bizarre Allergies Can you imagine being allergic to water? Crazy!

umm...yeah. That's it. pretty sad set of links, if you as me.

This week, I start another round of night shifts. Two weeks of nights, to be exact. Yuck. So I'll be lucky if I get anything done while I adjust to that change. Things may be pretty quiet around here this week.


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