Dec 23, 2009

Review: Scotsburn Candy Cane Ice Cream

At first taste, I was underwhelmed. It's exactly what you'd expect from Candy Cane ice cream - that is, vanilla ice cream with red and green candy cane bits in it. But the candy cane pieces were...I don't know how to describe them really. Goopy? Yes, goopy on the outside, and hard in the middle. Otherwise, it was fine, but just kind of....meh. You know what I mean? It did grow on me more after the second bowl (on a different day, not two bowls one after the other). I think what is needed was some chocolate bits. That would have taken it past the meh stage, into pretty awesome.

Overall, I wouldn't buy it again. At least, not untill next year when I forget that it wasn't anything spectacular.


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