Dec 18, 2009


It's friday! As I just posted on twitter, I got up this morning, showered, got dressed, did my hair and make up, and then called in sick to work because my voice, although better then yesterday, is still pretty much non-existent. I thought I'd go in and work for as long as I could, but after talking to the boyfriend for a few minutes I realized that I'd probably get there, take one call and then have to leave, and I'd barely make enough money to cover the gas there and home. So now I'm up and showered and no where to go. Which makes it a perfect time to go through all the things I stared in google reader when I was at work to save for home. It's mostly videos, since we can't watch videos at work (and even if we could, there are no speakers on our computers). One of the first ones I found was this one, and it is AWESOME. I found it from a link on Mental_Floss to this The High Definite post. Youtube user VadoskiN created this video by taking the best part of 50 movie trailers and combining them in to one incredible action packed monstrosity. Check it out.


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