Dec 31, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

It's new years eve!, Coffee, cookies, rum balls, shortbread cookies, lobster, three day weekend (x 2!), turkey dinners, family, friends, Fluffy Kitties, Silly Hound Dogs, The Boyfriend, sugary martini/margarita mixes, Sundays spent in bed sleeping and watching Gray's Anatomy season 2, This, health, abundance, planning, goals, practice, patience, fuchsia, unexpected cash bonuses - especially ones that fall on the pay week where I'm missing a lot of hours due to illness, related: finding out that I had 2 payed sick days available when I thought I only had one - meaning I'm only missing 1 day of pay for my three days of voiceless-ness, new sweaters, parties, watching snow storms from inside the warm dry (WARM!) house, extra long lunches, the scent of vanilla, coming home to a fridge full of home made sushi - care of my awesome boyfriend, my new keyboard - it's loud and I love that, bubbles, fuzzy socks, writing.


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