Dec 10, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, fleece sheets, beer, sleep, english muffins, corn, mushrooms, salad, fuchsia, scarves, freshly fallen undisturbed snow (even though I HATE the snow, it sure is pretty when it's fresh), being able to stay INSIDE while it snows outside - not going to work, or the store or anywhere at all, pay week!, Getting my presents for my brother and sister-in-law all mailed off (December 10th! The earliest I've ever gotten it done. I am very proud of year I'm shooting for a single digit day), Having the rest of my christmas presents to buy mostly figured out (now I just have to buy them...and wrap them...) Jasmine & Memo & Parker, Big Golden Retrievers named Casey, Mom and Dad, The Boyfriend, cardigans, exercise, long sleeves, that we're getting our tree this weekend!, looking at christmas lights(holy crap, could I mention christmas any MORE times today? lol), books and reading, one photo project winding down and another about to start, planning, Green Tea, Dreaming about buying a new pair of awesome boots, dark green, Mental_Floss, Oi! to the world by The Vandals (& also the No Doubt version), getting an extra 15 minutes on my lunch break - even if I'm only going to use it to sit around and surf the internet, purple, cards covered in sparkles and stars and silvery swirls, basmati rice, sprinkles.


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