Dec 13, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday! This week, tired of being..well, tired all the time, I've been working on my sleep habits. I put my fleece sheets on the bed for winter. Man, I love those sheets. If you live in chilly climates, I would highly recommend that you get some. They're so soft and warm and fuzzy. I've also started a sleep journal. You know, what time I went to bed, how many times I woke up, how I felt in the morning...that sort of thing. I don't know if it's helped so far, but I'm hoping it will give me insight into my sleep patterns. I'd linked to these tips for better sleep, which I've been keeping in mind this week. I've been getting at least some exercise everyday. I've cut out caffeine after 5pm. I've stopped drinking water after 8pm...things like that. Has it helped? I don't know. Maybe. It hasn't hurt, that's for sure.

What cool things did I find on the internet this week? Well.....

10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy Sure, a lot of the tips here have been given time and time again. I find that a lot on Copyblogger. But it's written in such a way that it's still interesting and relevant. I don't know how they do that. My favorite part is the section on Brevity. "You probably aren’t reading this article exactly from top to bottom are you? In fact, you’re probably not even reading this sentence." lol

12 unrecognizable before and after views of cities is unbelievable. Instead of trying to describe it, I'll suggest just clicking on the link. via

7 Horrifying Aircraft Landings (in which no one died)

If I've learned anything from the internet... - This made me giggle and it involves cats. Yay!

Speaking of cats, It's a Christmas lolcat! and he's wearing a sweater!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed wedding programs? Best thing ever!

This week, I have no grand plans. I'm going to get some exercise, take lots of pictures and sleep well. Sounds simple enough!


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